Why Dura Life On-Farm Containment Systems?

 If your total combined fuel storage on your farm is 1320 gallons or over, the EPA requires containment in case of a fuel spill. Dura Life Containment Systems provides solutions for you to be in compliance with the EPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans. Dura Life Containment Systems meet the farm fuel containment requirements and are designed for simple installation on your farm. 

Be Sure Your Secondary Containment is CORRECTLY Sized

 When you deal with Sunderland Engineering, we assess tank size, codes, container contents and other important details to calculate the minimum secondary containment sizing, so you can rest assured your containment is properly sized. 

These Systems are Expandable, and Easy to Install!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I see more photos?

Yes, look under the Photos Tab above.


Are these systems EPA approved?

Yes, the farm containment systems are acceptable for use as containment of oil and petroleum products. We have been in the containment business since 1988 and our containment systems are known for quality, durability and are built to last.

What are the environmental requirements for secondary containment systems?

The EPA's Title 40: Protection of Environment, Part 112 - Oil Pollution Prevention, mandates that the containment volume be equal to the largest container, plus an annual 25yr/24hr rainfall amount (for your region), plus an additional volume occupied by other tanks within the containment volume.

State level fire codes also require various clearance distances between tanks.

Are the farm containment systems engineered?

Yes. If you have special needs for your system, we have professional engineers on staff who can design a system to meet your specific requirements.

How long does it take to install a containment system? Can I do the installation myself?

The length of time for installation depends on how big of a system you plan to install. Dura Life Containment Systems are easy to install using standard tools.

Can you supply me with drawings?

Yes, we can supply you with product specific drawings for the regulatory agency or for your files.

What does a system cost?

To provide an accurate cost, we will need to know what shape the system will be, what type of system you want, and how much space you have available. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote. Contact Sunderland Engineering at 320.226.6627 or SunderlandEngineering@gmail.com

Do you have liners inside the secondary containment system?

Yes, we have liners available and can fit the liner to the dimension that you need for your system.

Does sunlight damage the liners? Do the liners need to be covered?

The liners are all U.V. protected and will not break down from the sunlight.

What shapes do you have?

The most common shapes are rectangular, square, round and oblong. We also offer custom shapes to meet your needs.

How do you get rainwater out of the containment system?

Install a sump pump in one corner of the containment system. Then, when preparing the subgrade make a gradual slope to one corner of the containment system so the water can pool and the sump can remove the water.